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Company profile

As a manufacturing-type enterprise involved in the professional flexible packaging, Changsha Yinteng Plastic Printing Packing Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. Located at Changsha Ningxiang national Economic and Technological Development Zone, it has an area of 38,000 m2 and 32,000 m2 building area. Currently, there are more than 200 employees with the total assets of nearly RMB 200 million. As the larger flexible packaging enterprise in Hunan Province, Changsha Yinteng Plastic Printing and Packing Co., Ltd. is committed to providing the green and eco-friendly health packaging for customers, with the first-class quality and rapid response as the requirements for customer development strategy. Yinteng Packing constantly makes innovations based on the industry's product quality requirements, assists the customer in expounding the product information with professional and meticulous services in a timely manner, and boosts the customer’s sustained development by virtue of offering vigorous support and service. 

The company have 80 units (sets) different production equipment, wherein: 1 unit (set) of TOYO Ecomatch21G Computer Color Matching System, 2 units of Italy Nordmeccanica Solvent-free Composite Machines, 1 unit of Italy BOBST Composite Machine and German W&H Film Blowing Machine respectively, so far, Yinteng Packing has have the domestic first-class and international advanced hardware configuration, with the annual yield of over RMB 300 million. In addition, the company sets up a comprehensive and strict quality management system, which is designed to provide green and eco-friendly packaging products with high-quality for foods, industrial products, sanitation supplies, pharmaceuticals and other industries. The company always insists on the ideas of energy saving and environmentally friendly development as well as promotes green and eco-friendly packing. Yinteng Packing is equipped with the advanced laboratory. In Oct. 2007, the company's product passed the QS certification of the National Food Safety Committee at one time, in Apr. 2012, the company passed the ISO9001: 2008 Quality Certification, and in Oct. 2015, the company passed the High-Tech Certification. 


Corporate culture

Vision — 

Frontrunner of Industry

Practitioners of Civilization

Mission — Healthy Life, Return Society

Core Values — 

Regulate behavior first, then

do things, dare to innovate 

Regulate behavior — 

Integrity, keep your word 

Conducts  — 

Meticulosity, cooperation and quick response

Innovation —

Sustainable innovation of mode, service and product 

For employees — 

Absolute respect, full trust
Positive guiding, advance growth 

For society — 

Resource conservation

Environmentally friendly 

For cooperator — 

Win-win cooperation

High-order development 




Development history

Apr. 2000

Mr zhu led another six  man establishing the Household Workshop in Youzhaping Village of Wanshoushan Township, facilitating the establishment of Changsha Yinteng Plastic Printing Packing Co., Ltd. in Apr. 2004. It wasn't scaled up by around 30 people until the year of 2003 due to various immature factors in the initial stage of its startup; furthermore, the annual value of production had always been lowering than 15 million. 


The company relocated into Ningxiang National Economic and Technological Development Zone (namely, the previous old factory), winning the geographical advantage for the company's development.

Mar. 2005

The company purchased the first Double Self-supporting Zipper Machine, which changed the single import trading of professional areca-nut into the export trading of the outer bag. 


Under the leadership of Mr.Zhu, the company's vision and culture have been confirmed, clarifying the company's principle of how to regulate behavior and conducts as well as chartering the course of the company's development. At the same time, Manger Zhu, puts forward three indexes in measuring the company's healthy development: Provide the employees with best treatment among the industry; Offer the employees with 100% respect; Guarantee the sustainability of the first two items. 


The company established the Yinteng Bar, and created the platform for the employees to develop the habit of honest, and trustworthy. 


Business crisis occurred around the globe, while the company kept moving forward instead of retreating from this crisis, thus achieving the first victory of 50 million sales. 


The company bought the first sha anxi beiren printing machine .


The company brought the Solventless laminators from Italy, thus truly achieved green and eco-friendly packaging. So far, Yinteng Packing is the only one enterprise which has brought this equipment among over 200 flexible packaging enterprises in the whole province. 


In 2010, the company spent more than 1 million inviting Guangzhou O’Brien Consulting Company to formulate a specific scheme for the company's internal management, thanks to the above efforts, the company found the crucial reason of impeding the enterprise's sustained development to normalize and systemize the company's development based on Oubo's "Factory network control chart" and "Three-nine control methods" (focus on the nine common management problems in small and medium-sized enterprise production management in light of nine control principle) and "Pulse diagnosis". 

End of 2011

In the end of 2011, the company again brought the Solventless laminators and 300m /min BEIREN Printing Machine, at the same time, the Company's sales exceeding RMB one hundred million, which ranked among the sized enterprise in a real sense. 

Feb. 2012

The company introduced the Computer Color Match (CCM) system, thus the company edging into the era of digital system ink matching. 

Apr. 2012

The company passed ISO9001: 2008 Quality certificates. 

Apr. 2013

The company introduced Germany W&H Film Blowing Machine, and established the Department of Membrane Blowing, and launched the production supply of film blowing.

Dec. 2013

The company introduced BOBST Composite Machine, and opened the production mode for aluminum foil cementing and composition. It greatly improved the company's production efficiency while guaranteeing the composite strength. 

Jul. 2014

The company officially moved into a new factory located at North Xieyuan Road of Ningxiang National Economic and Technological Development Zone. The factory covers an area of 38,000 m2 and building area of 32,000 m2. 

End of 2014

The company introduced the organic solvent recovery and hot air and energy saving equipment, constructed the VOC production line, and recycled solvent for cyclic utilization, thus decreasing pollution to the environment while reducing the consumption of raw materials. 


Oct. 2015

The company passed the certification of high-tech enterprises at one stroke.